Coorg Ride n Stay 3D/ 2N Package from Bangalore in Rs. 2,999 only! Includes Bus Ticket & 2 Nights Stay at the Hotel


This package includes the following:

  • Bangalore - Coorg - Bangalore by Bus (Non AC)
  • 2 Nights Stay at Hotel Hiltown or Similar at Coorg
  • Sightseeing at additional cost

Coorg is situated on the Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India.  For the adventurous at heart, it is an absolute treat. There are trekking, golfing and angling (Mahaseer too!) options available. Religious trips abound on Hindu and Buddhist circuits. Family getaways can be easily arranged. You can also relax your body and mind with special Ayurvedic massages.

About Coorg

A friendly warning to all concerned: One trip to Coorg (Kodagu) and it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. You might leave Coorg, but Coorg will never leave you. Don’t blame us if you keep returning to it time and again.

That’s Coorg for you- incomparable scenic beauty, lush green valleys, coffee plantations, teak wood forests & majestic mountain ranges. Add to that a strong, brave martial race of Coorgs (Kodavas) that reveres tradition, has a distinct culture and lives life to its fullest.

Coorg StayCoorg StayCoorg Stay

Culture Of Coorg

Distinct Culture What strikes a first-time visitor to Coorg is probably its stunning beauty - both, of nature and of the people. Not only is Coorg beautiful to look at but its people are equally good looking. They are a fun-loving race, very friendly and pure of heart.  
Though Coorg is situated in Karnataka in the South of India, the marriage customs of the land seem a mix of the North and South along with some distinct customs of its own. The bride is always dressed in red just like a North Indian bride, unlike a Southern one, normally dressed in green or yellow. The groom’s attire is quite different from that of other Indian grooms. But he always carries a Peechekathi (traditional dagger) reminiscent of the long sword carried by the Northern groom.

Coorg StayCoorg Stay Coorg Stay Coorg Stay

Folk Dances & Songs: The “Janapada” (folk) songs rendered during marriages, parties and at the time of deaths and births, even during fairs are very philosophical and have a lot of meaning. Most folk songs are related to specific occasions and there seems to be a song for almost every occasion. Huttariya kunitha, bolukata, ummathata, kolata, olagathata and kathiyata are some of the folk dances in coorg.

Customs: The dowry system quite prevalent among most Hindu communities is almost unknown here. Marriage ceremonies although held in traditional dresses, are performed without a Brahmin or puja. The elders help in the rituals and bless the couples. Another execption among the Hindus is the serving of non-vegetarian dishes and liquor in the weddings of the Kodava community.

Festivals: The traditional festivals of the Kodavas are associated with either the agricultural or the military nature of its people.

Places to Visits

Coorg StayCoorg StayCoorg StayCoorg Stay

The capital of Coorg formerly called Mercara, Madikeri is often known as the Scotland of India. It has enchanted millions of travellers with its misty hills, lush forests, coffee plantations and breath taking views. Also known for its lovely climate, Madikeri is a world record holder for the cardamom crop.

Omkareshwara Temple
With a dome in the middle of a square lake and minarets at each corner, this is a catholic mix of Keralite, Gothic and Islamic architectural styles. Built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra.

Cauvery Nisargadhama
A great place to cuddle up for the night. This 2.5 sq. km. large island in the middle of the River Cauvery, is some place to romance.

Abbi Falls
Just 7 kilometers from Madikeri town are the Abbi Falls, as remarkable and striking a sight as you would see anywhere. The narrow road to Abbi Falls is a combination of steep ups and downs, twists and turns, wriggling through the green and dense foliage of surrounding coffee plantations. Situated on private property, a narrow pathway leads you downward to where the waterfall can be seen.
As various streams congregate in the mountains above, they swell with the monsoon rains and force their way down the mountain slope. Splashing hard against the huge boulders of rock, unmindful of the crevices and hollows, the water drops at enormous speed accompanied by gushing sounds. This white wall of water creates a misty cloud with its moisture-like spray and descends into a flowing stream to perhaps join with the River Cauvery somewhere in the vicinity.

Coorg StayCoorg Stay

                              Coffee Seeds                                                  Group of Men Dancing

Reaching Coorg

The nearest airport are Mangalore (135 kms) and Bangalore (260 kms).

Train: The nearest railheads are at Mysore, Mangalore and Hassan (146 kilometers).

Road: From Bangalore, there are two routes to Coorg. Both routes are almost the same distance (around 250-260 kilometers).
The route via Mysore, is the oft-frequented route. The stretch after Hunsur is scenic and the drive through the coffee plantations is absorbing.
The other route is via Neelamangal, Kunigal, Chanrayapatna, all of which are located on the National highway. After Chanrayanapatna, the state highway route takes you to your destination

Bus: The  bus service in Madikeri has connections to almost every place in Coorg, except Kushalnagar, for which you have to hop onto a bus to Bangalore. Alternatively, there are regular buses to Mysore, Mangalore, Hassan, Chikmagalur, Shimoga.

Distance from important cities:

  • Mangalore: 136 kms
  • Mysore: 120 kms
  • Bangalore: 256 kms
  • Hassan: 115 kms
  • Dharmasthala: 133 kms
  • Subramanya: 87 kms
  • Karwar: 400 kms
  • Goa: 525 kms
  • Tellechery: 110 kms
  • Kasargod: 106 kms
  • Calicut: 170 kms
  • Cannanore: 110 kms

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