Distress Sale: Jaypee KBA

Distress Sale: Jaypee KBA

Distress Sale: Jaypee KBA

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Jaypee Kensington Boulevard

As the name immplies that uniques of the communities is the beautifully landscaped boulevards as inspired from its namesake in UK, this affluent communities will be collection of uniquely landscaped boulevards/streets nestled in wish town Jaypee Kensington Boulevard Noida. Each of the different boulevards could be landscaped with different themes and using different types of flora and street furniture, street art etc.
The elevations of the apartment towers and of the residential plots will flow in symetry and will be in harmony with the concept of the different boulevards. Using Vertical land scaping and numerous, the matic gardens with 'patios' the concepts will be extended to the different public areas fo the community.
The Jaypee Greens Kensington Boulevard Central Apartments: With a total of approx 2500 units in these high-rise apartment blocks, the apartments compliment the residential plots community. The visiom behind these residential towers is to offer exceptional apartment layouts with un-ending views for the residents. The residents will savour the feel of openes this unique community offers.

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