M3M Merlin: 3BHK+Servant Residential Apartment 2368 sq ft in resale at Sector 67 Gurgaon at discounted price of Rs. 7500


M3M Merlin: 3BHK+Servant Residential Apartment 2368 sq ft in resale at Sector 67 Gurgaon at discounted price of Rs. 7500

Market Price
Rs. 11,100
Rs. 3,600
Rs. 7,500



We have a 2368 sq ft 3BHK+Servant Residential Apartment in M3M Merlin in resale at a price of Rs. 7500. Property Code - 1429. For Details, please click on I’M INTERESTED or call us.

In the center of city lies beautiful M3M MERLIN which has beautiful whale shaped club as if whale swims in water and what else can make you feel other then dream come true. The apartments in M3M MERLIN are facing inwards giving beautiful look. Surrounded by green lawn. The rooms are so big in size with toilet /dining/drawing /kitchen and lobby. The rooms are beautifully structured. Having famous and professional interior designers who have designed it.

The apartments also have barbeque. The lawn looks beautiful when all the lights are on in the evening. When the fresh breeze touches your skin you feel so fresh and healthy. During the morning hours if you go for an hour walk you can stay fit whole day inhaling fresh air. Which you hardly find in metros as it has so much of air pollution. People normally fall ill. The apartments are based on theme. Its theme is based on theme of Singapore residence. Other than this it has sports complex where, you can play games and sports of your choice. The kids can play games of their choice. They can play whole day. The adults can enjoy yoga. We also have big library in the apartments

You can sit and enjoy reading. The school, malls and hospital are very close. You have metro facility which can make travelling easy. Apart from this in case you wants to know about security. Its tight. The video cameras are fitted. The routine check is made. Power backup is strong. Lifts are available.

The resident who have own vehicles can park them in parking. Over all the infrastructure along with facilities are great. To know about the pricing and more you can visit our website and contact us. The apartments are very spacious and the material used is of high quality. No fake material is used. The apartments may be available in large numbers but what is more important is quality. M3M MERLIN does not compromise in Quality.

M3M Merlin Key Features

  • High Rises with beautiful external lighting in the evening
  • All apartment facing inwards, giving lovely view of the greens
  • Intelligent home access control system in all apartments
  • Club in the shape of a Whale in the water body
  • SPA and internal facility inside and an open restaurant on the top with the street feel
  • Reflexology walking areas
  • Lazy River – Swimming Pool across the club
  • Barbeque pits in all the apartments

M3M Merlin Unique Features :

  • M3M Merlin have six iconic tower
  • Every Building connected through over bridge.
  • It’s a 22 story Building.


M3M Merlin Construction Site
M3M Merlin Floor Plan
M3M Merlin Master Plan


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