Your Holiday at Madrid Cordoba Sevilla Granada and Barcelona for 7 Days

Madrid Cordoba Sevilla Granada and Barcelona for 7 Days

Your Holiday at Madrid Cordoba Sevilla Granada and Barcelona for 7 Days

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Rs 1,61,520
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Cordoba Hotel Transfer

Seville Hotel Transfer

Granada Hotel Transfer

Barcelona Hotel Transfer

Any additional transfers / sightseeing tours, additional meals not mentioned above.

Any expenses of personal nature viz. telephone calls, laundry, mineral water, etc.

Any Travel Insurance – though it is recommended.

Service tax @ 3.09% on final land package.



The Airfare is calculated as on 10th June 2013(Rs 50,000) and might change at the time of booking, the traveler would have to bear the differential cost

Passport validity : 08 months at the time of departure.

The rates of the the package are subject to change and may vary at the time of booking.

The price of the package is calculated on an exchange rate of 1Euro = Rs 76, the same would change as per the rate prevalent on the date of booking.

The above package is subject to availability.


Mumbai - Madrid


Hotel Details:

1. Hotel Nh Alberto Aguilera

Category: 3 Star

City: Madrid 

2 Nights 

Return transfers on a PRIVATE basis


2. Hotel Nh Califa

Category: 3 Star

City: Cordoba

1 Night


3. Hotel Tryp Gallos

Category: 3 Star

City: Seville

1 Night


4. Hotel Macia Gran Via

Category: 3 Star

City: Granada

1 Night 


5. Hotel Nh Condor

Category: 3 Star

City: Barcelona

2 Nights


Sight Seeing


Madrid City Tour

Return transfers on a SIC basis

Madrid is home to 3 of the finest art galleries in the world and some outstandingly green parks. Beyond the museums the Madrid scene and feel-good living can be seen in the many stunning plazas which provide a front-row seat for the fine cityscape and endlessly energetic street life. The city that knows how to live: Spain’s capital city is very alive and has indeed a very friendly neighbourhood feel. The daytime sparks plenty to do and see including a remarkable museum collection together with large inspiring gardens and green parks. Spain’s largest city provides an awesome frenzy nightlife scene with parties starting late in the night and exceptional music scene, great tapas and fine dining restaurants. Madrid has a fast and efficient underground system and houses a population of just over 3 million.


Cordoba City Tour

Return transfers on a SIC basis

Córdoba was once the premier city of the Western World, the greatest metropolis west of Constantinople, and the seat of Europe’s first university. Today, there’s a modern commercial center, but most travelers love strolling the town’s ancient cobblestone streets, peeking through gates for glimpses of lush flowers and beautiful tiled fountains.



Seville City Tour

Return transfers on a SIC basis

The city is situated on the banks of the smooth, slow Guadalquivir River, which divides the city into two halves: Sevilla and Triana. The Guadalquivir (known as Betis by the Romans and as Betik Wahd-Al-Khabir by the Arabs) has had a major impact in the history of the city. The location of Seville is roughly coincident with the point where the Guadalquivir stops being useful for navigation. It is at this point that the cereal producing region of the Guadalquivir Valley starts, and Seville has acted as a sea-port for commerce of agricultural goods produced further west. Intense trade existed in the area from Roman times, continued under Muslim rule, and exploded as Seville monopolized the new trade with the Americas. As the monopoly was broken and Cádiz largely took Seville's place, the city entered a period of relative decline. In the 19th century Seville gained a reputation for its architecture and culture and was a stop along the Romantic "Grand Tour" of Europe. Seville has built on its tourism industry since, playing host to the International Exposition in 1992, which spurred the construction of a new airport, a new train station, a bullet train link to Madrid, new bridges and improvements to the main boulevards. Tourist facilities are top-notch and the city is buzzing with festivals, color and a thriving nightlife scene.


Seville city tour



Granada City Tour

Return transfers on a SIC basis


Granada is a mid-sized city located in Granada Province in the Andalucia region of Spain. Rich in history and culture, Granada is arguably the single most worthwhile city in Spain for a tourist. In addition to a rich multicultural history, the Alhambra and other monuments, a student-driven nightlife, and skiing and trekking in the nearby Sierra Nevada, Granada offers a break from the summer heat of other Andalusian cities such as Córdoba or Seville. Spring and Fall are also both excellent times to visit. With much more cultural interest than other cities like Malaga, Granada is never overcrowded (although one should still book tickets to the Alhambra at least one day in advance).


Granada city tour


Barcelona City Tour

Return transfers on a PRIVATE basis

Barcelona is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — consider printing them all. Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, with a population of nearly one and half million people (nearly five million in the metropolitan area) and the capital and largest city of Catalonia. This city, located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, has a rich history dating back at least 2,000 years when it gained prominence as a Roman town under its old name, Barcino. In 1992, Barcelona gained international recognition by hosting the Olympic games which brought a massive upturn in its tourism industry. This had the effect of changing the city in ways that are still felt today with neighbourhoods renovated (and in some cases levelled) and the intense focus of modern design permeating all aspects of life in Barcelona from public buildings to something as simple as a park bench or an event poster. For visitors, this has translated into the very modern, yet incredibly old city you see now in the 21st century, where the new elements work to both preserve and celebrate the ancient. This beautiful city is full of what European cities are known for (outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums and churches) and is fantastic for walking with an extensive and reliable Metro system for more far-flung destinations. The core centre of town, focused around the Ciutat Vella ("Old City") provides days of enjoyment for those looking to experience the life of Barcelona while the beaches the city was built upon provide sun and relaxation during the long periods of agreeably warm weather.


Barcelona city tour




Madrid - Cordoba transfer by Rail

Cordoba - Seville transfer by Rail

Seville - Granada transfer by Rail

Granada - Barcelona transfer by Rail



Daily Buffet Breakfast at the hotel, except the 1st Day (Day of arrival in the country)



Spain - Included



Madrid City Tour
Barcelona City Tour
Cordoba City Tour
Seville City Tour
Granada City Tour


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