'Life is Bliss' Yes I swear...

Life is Bliss

'Life is Bliss' Yes I swear...

                ‘Life is bliss’. Now, wait. Think of the past week and what it has offered you. You would have got a slide show of your office chores, hectic household work, irritating boss, to-do list that you haven’t finished and so on….. With all these stress on your mind and you hear me say, ‘Life is bliss’, I know you feel like punching me. But wait till you finish reading this article.                                                                 

                Life has stages. From womb to tomb, you jump over birthdays cutting cakes and eating experience. You come to this world, enjoy your childhood, attain puberty, spend all your adolescence in love and then, marry and end up losing your happiness.  All these days of being single, you were longing and dreaming of marriage. But now, when I say “You lose your happiness after marriage” 90% of you will agree and the rest will be in silent mode.  Why this happens????

                Marriage is an institution of love. But the problem here is love comes with responsibilities. Being responsible is a hard task. Particularly after all these carefree bachelor days. For being a happy couple, one should learn to be responsible; responsible for everything and everyone in the family.

'Being responsible' A mature Love


               Everyone wishes, the love for them to be expressed. You may think that your family knows how much you love them. But it will be twice better if you express it. Show some love. Show you care. Surprise your love with gifts. Spend time with your children.  You may know that you look nice in a shirt by seeing in a mirror. But think how much the joy multiplies when your love says “Hey sweetheart, you look awesome”. 

                Love after marriage is all about expressing. Don’t store up your love. It’s abundant and everlasting. After years, you may have as much love but not as much time. Remember; life is too short to wait for anything. 


Wanna be loved... Express yours.

                A happy married life blooms on the intimacy you share. Treat your better half as you treat yourself. Show respect for his/her feelings. Don’t wish to control them. Instead, feel for them. This is your only life. Make him/her understand, he/she is more important than anything in your life.

                Love your marriage. Love your life. Love your love. Love and live as today is your last day.

                                                                                ‘LIFE IS BLISS’    






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