Marriage - A festival

Marriage - A festival

Marriage - A festival

                Everyone is busy with their own works and no one has time to care for others. Everyone seems to be happy with this change over to busy life. But deep inside, we all long for love and relationship. We long to see our friends, wish to go to our native and love to spend some time with family. The best time all this happens is during festivals and marriage. What if both these coincide???

                Festival days are a wonderful part of our life. They bring utmost joy for every human being. Life, love and relationships are best celebrated during these days. Same happens with marriage. Marriage is a festival that happens only once in a lifetime. Hence, it deserves to be the best celebrated festival in one’s life.

                Marriage could be celebrated as a festival when it is planned to happen during festival days. A lot of factors could explain this. Marriage, when coincides with festivals, will increase the pomp. It also serves to be a cost cutting idea, since two big budget ceremonies happen at the same time.

                Also, most of the people find it hard to go to a marriage on working days. This could be eliminated when marriage happen during a festival. It will ensure that every kith and kin attends the marriage; thus multiplying the blessings and joy.

                Simple things matters the most. Now, think. See to these simple reasons. Plan and make your wedding to happen during festival. Turn your marriage, a festival that every soul celebrates.




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