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he valley of Kashmir is as rich with history and political controversy as it is with culture and natural phenomena. Sample exquisitely spiced native cuisines and festive teas, then walk off your meal along the rugged trekking routes to the north. Marvel at the famous houseboats of Srinagar and take a spiritual moment to reflect at one of the many pilgrimage sites and religious shrines that dot the region. Of course, native craftsmanship makes for excellent souvenirs—carpets and textiles are an especial shopping must.



Vaishno Devi Temple with Mother Goddess Vaishno Devi is the principle attraction for the pilgrims. Supposed to be endowed with supernatural powers this Goddess relieves pains and pangs of different sorts like infertility, forthcoming accident, joblessness, antagonism with husband and in-laws, marriage problems, physical disorders and numerous others. The mother goddess relieves her children from all their sorrows and anxiety and blesses them with a new lease of life.
Ranabireshwar Temple constructed by the erstwhile Dogra Rulers is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here the large Shiva Lingam has
Panchbakhter Temple is a paradise for the Shaivites.


Purmandal located 40 kilometers from Jammu city is located on the banks of River Devika holds festivals like Shivaratri and Chaitra Chaudashi.Nagbani is another place of attraction, erstwhile Nag raja Temple that has been converted to Agricultural School Collegiate School. Situated on a hillock, beside the River Tawi, Jammu is the crown of India. As a melting pot for various cultures, Jammu and Kashmir is also a hot tourist's attraction for Indians and Foreigners alike. People visit this Heaven on Earth as Pilgrim tour, Archeological Excursion and also Nature Lover. A happy combination of crystalline lakes, bold mountains and meandering valleys, Jammu is also a home to various temples and Mosques that are held in high esteem by the archeologists and pilgrims alike. Foreign invasion and their historical remnants are indicative of the rich cultural influences that Jammu and Kashmir had been subject to. The main places of tourist attraction in Jammu and Kashmir are divided into the following; Religious Places, Historical Places and Monuments, Places Blessed with Scenic Beauty.



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