Package - Kausani (2 Nights & 3 Days)

Package - Kausani (2 Nights & 3 Days)

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Perched high on a forest-covered ridge, this tiny village has lovely panoramic views of distant snow-capped peaks, fresh air, a cool climate and as relaxed an atmosphere as you'll find in Northern India. Mahatma Gandhi found Kausani an inspirational place to retreat and write his Bhagavad Gita translation Anasakti Yoga and there is still an ashram devoted to him here.
Welcome drink on arrival (Non Alcoholic)
Accomodation for a couple on twin sharing basis in executive room,
Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner,
5 years below child complimentry.
Extendable on pro-rata basis.
All applicable taxes
Kausani is a small Hill town in the Bageshwar District of the northern Indian state of Uttarkhand. The views from the Town is so beautiful, that once Mahatama Gandhi called the place "Switzerland of India" during his brief stay at the Town. The town is very peacefull and one can enjoy the beautiful view of the Himalayas from almost any part of the Town. The lower part of the town has the local market and the upper part of the Town, where the Gandhi Ashram is situated is the place where most of the better Hotels are situated.
The temperature is pleasant in the summer months and extremely cold in the winter seasons. One can do trekking in the various surroundings around Kausani. The panoramic view of the Nanda Devi Biosphere from a distance of 300 kms away is simply breathtaking. Life is very slow in this small Hill Town and as a tourist it is advisable to stay within your Hotels after dark, because there is not much of night life. The weather is very unpredictable and carrying an umbrella is a must. The main activities of the villagers is Cultivation and Tourism holds a special place in the entire town's economy. The locals are very polite and helpful. An Indian Military Base is also situated in the uptown Kausani and the area is restricted to outsiders.
Gandhi Ashram is the most sort after place by the tourist. This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed briefly and written the 'Anashakti Yog'. The Ashram is situated on the upper part of the Town. Inside the Ashram, (Photography not allowed) consists of various pictures of the great leader in differenet phases of his life. The view of the Himalayas can be viewed from this Ashram also is quite splendid.Baijnath Temple, situated around 20 kms north from Kausani Town and is a series of small / big temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Feeding the fishes just beside the temple is considered a ritual after offering your pujas.
If you have time in hour hand, half a day may be reserved for Rudradhari. It is 20 kms away from Kausani, and a unique experience of 1 Km trekking through the mountains and beautiful scenary to reach the century old Lord Shiva temple. The trekking is not that tough, but Senior Citizens should avoid going there. Guides are available (even though not required) but one can take their help if kids are accompanying you. One can enjoy the pure air and small springs all around, not to mention the beautiful small/big trees of different nature. If you are lucky, you can meet the Baba/priest and spend some time with him talking about Religion. He might also give you puffed rice as Prasad.
Kausani is a small town in the state of Uttarkhand and the best time to visit is from October to February. One can enjoy the majestic view of the Nanda Devi Bisospere spaning more than 300 kms away. Almost all Hotels are facing the Nanda Devi Range and one can just sit back and enjoy the paronamic view by sipping Coffee/Tea. There are various open restaurants, facing the Nanda Devi Range, and the best way to spend the evening is enjoy the view by having specially made Tea. Some of the famous peaks are Trishul, Nanda Devi etc. Just like any other small Indian Hill town, there is not much night life, but a camp fire can be arranged by the Hotel Staffs if requested.Some of the places of interest are Gandhi Ashram, Shawl Factory - where one can witness how the famous Kausani Shawls are made and manufactured by using age old techniques. Just above the factory, a shop is also situated and those willing to buy shawls can do so. Kausani is also famous for Tea, and one can visit the Girihas Tea factory. 
Baijnath Temple: Baijnath is a Historic Temple of Lord Shiva. You can perform puja(worship) here. After completing your puja(worship) do not forget to trek in the banks of Gomati River.Someshwar: omeshwar is on the way to Kausani. Shomeshwar is famous for green fields and the temple of Lord Shiva.Pinakeshwar: A small temple in the middle of dense forest. You would love to visit this place again and again, if you visit this place for one time. There is a waterfall near this temple which is awesome. You can have some fun with your friends on this waterfall.Bageshwar: Bageshwar is a small town. It is famous for confluence of Saru and Gomati Rivers and Bagnath temple is also famous. It is a small town, but you can get everything you want for your daily use.You can also visit Pindari Glacier, Jageshwar Temple, Almora, Chitai Temple, Ranikhet, Chaukori. All of these places are very close to Kausani.


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