Khandala- Lonavala Ride n Stay Package from Mumbai at Rs. 3,999 only! Includes travel by AC Volvo Bus, 2 Nights Stay at Kumar Resort & Free Entry to Water Park


This package includes the following:

  • Mumbai - Lonavala - Mumbai by AC Volvo
  • 2 Nights stay at Kumar Resort or similar
  • Free entry to the water park at Kumar Resort

About Khandala/Lonavala

Khandala & Lonawala you can visit any time, weather is pleasent all year around. Best time is monsoon season , or after monsoon.

Lonawala is famous for Chikkis(sweet candy). Should not miss hot hot "Bhajias".

Khandala- lonavala Khandala- lonavala

Khandala- lonavala Khandala- lonavala

Many dams to see, few of them taken care of by Tata Electric company. What all places to see, Lonawala dame, Busy dam, Buddhist caves, Forts, Lohagad, Rajmachi fort, Tung fort etc. I spend only 2 days here , but to see all places one have to spend minimum one week.

Khandala & Lonawala is twin hill station,favourite getaway for Bombay people. Its 102 km from Mumbai.Favourite place for Boollywood,ofcourse nowdays song&dance routine , they shoot , NZ , Aussi. Its favourite weekend getway from Bombay. Weekends will be crowded.Hotell all packed at weekend.



From Lonavala, which is another exotic location, it is 5 km away. Khandala have a pleasant weather. In Summer season, that is April-June, are quite mild, while Winter season, that is November-February, are cool. But, in Monsoon season, it rains heavily between June and September.

Places To Visits

Khandala- lonavala Khandala- lonavala

                           Tunga Fort                                                                             Lohagad Fort 

Khandala- lonavala Khandala- lonavala

                Pavna Lake                                                                                   Bushi Dam

A rock piercing the horizon can be seen to the south of Lohagad, this is Tunga Fort. Pavana Dam surrounds it. This fort can be approach by the motor boat for Pavana Dam. It is a stiff fort to climb. It is a narrow fort with slippery roads for climbing.

There is a temple of Mahadeo on the fort. During Shivaji's period, this fort was use for keeping a watch on the other forts. 

This fort belongs to Shivaji's period and is 10 kms from Lonavala. It was used for keeping prisoners in the year 1564. Shivaji Maharaj won this fort in 1670 in the year 1751, Gaikwad and Dabhade family were incarcerated in this fort. First Delhi gate - the entrance of the Lohagad fort is a spectacular sight. There are three gates one after the other.

 Karla Caves


These are the ancient Buddhist caves. They are in existence since 160 BC and are suppose to be the biggest among the "Chaitya Caves". There is provision of S.T. buses from Lonavala for reaching here.
This temple of Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu (C.K.P.) and Fisher communities is thronged by devotees during Navratri and Chaitra. The exquisite carvings created by human hands leaves one spellbound. At the entrance, there is a small temple of Ekvira Devi.
At the entrance, there are lion pillars and inside huge elephant forms are carved on which there are different forms representing Gautam Buddha. Other carvings include dancing pairs with windows every where.

Bhaje Caves


On the way to Pune from Lonavala the first station is Malavali. South of this station at a distance of about 25 minutes by foot is small town called Bhaje.
On one side there is Lohagad fort on other side Visapur fort and approximately in the center are Bhaja Caves. They are similar to Karla Caves but are on a much smaller scale. This caves are also in Chaitya style.
The speciality of these caves is that the rays of the setting sun visit these caves. On the southern side, there is a place where one can see carved figures of Gods and Goddesses.

Stay at  Kumar Resort

Kumar Resort, Lonavla offers a great working environment, charged with the spirit of competitiveness. The compensation package that Kumar Resort, Lonavla offers rivals the best in the industry. Kumar resort is an ideal place for Marriage ceremonies & Receptions.

It provides 5 star facilities with exclusive service to accomodates 225 persons in rooms and 2000 people for the Reception. It also has well equipped Beauty Parlour for men & Women.



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